Allgemeine Bedingungen / Regeln

Möchten Sie Einzelunterricht / Gruppenunterricht mit unseren Skilehrern buchen?
Hier sind einige Punkte zu beachten :


  • The cost is intended for ski / snow / free-ride lessons per person  per lesson (excluding pole training)
  • A lesson lasts 55 minutes.
  • Coustomers who want to take the lesson together must have  the same technical level.
  • Each additional person has a cost of € 15,00 per lesson
  • The cost of  the morning lessons from 10.00 am to 01.00 am are more expensive and have a limited availability.
  • Lesson packages : save 10% with a minimum of 5 lessons per person. Payment reguested at the time of the booking. This offer is not valid during the high season.


  • If the minimum number of partecipants reired ( average of 4 participants per group ) is not reached, the hours of the group course will be reduced or cancelled
  • The detalis and times of the courses are fixed by the managemnet of the ski scool; any reguest must be agreed in advanced with the ski school


  • The lessons must be paid in advance..
  • The ski school requires a deposit ( made through bank transfer ore credit card ) for the advance booking of the lessons.


  • Paople added The people who intend to take the lesson together must  be of the same technical level (no refunds will be made otherwise)
  • Certificate of average the lessons will be recharged only in case of injured or sick by presenting a local madical  certificate, € 5,00 will be withheld from the remaining amount, as secretarial expenses. The refund will be made, only by bank transfer
  • Closed  facilities  in case of closing of the facilities, the lessons will not be refunded but will be made up
  • Deposit  in case of cancellationof the lesson, the deposit may. The deposit may be reused for another booking during the winter season as follows. .1) cancellation 7 days befor the beginninig of the lessons, total sum minus € 10,00 for secretarial expenses .2) Cancellation from 7 to 3 days before the begininig of the lessons 50% of the total sum mius € 10,00 for secretarial expenses .3) cancellation 3 days befor the beginning of the lessons/coruse is not refundable


  • The learner is insurde only with a third-party liability policy at the time of lesson. Every partecipant is responsible himself for an accident insurance
  • Accident insurance is entirely incurred by the individual participant.


  • The scki schools are notpart of the amateur soprts association, Article 90 paragraph 17 and following of Law 289/2002. The ski lessons give to children between the age of 5 and 18 do not give the right to the deductino referred to in Art.15 paragraph 1 letter I QUINQUES Legislative Decree n. 917/86 ( revenue agency circular No. 34/E of 04/04/2008 )
  • The ski school Law art 36/bis paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 26/10/1972 n. 633 is exonerated from giving the tax document, the booking tag is authoritative. Anyone wishing to use a tax document is requested to require if before booking by showing their fiscal code


  • We infrom our kind customers that their personal data are processed by the Italian Ski School Cemris Cavalese, in compliance with the provisions of Eu Regulation GDPR 679/2016 and Legilative Decree 101/2018. the data will be processed exlusively for the purposes connected with the stablishment and management of the cotractual relationship including purposes relating to assistance, teaching and support in skiing activities
  • To prove the conlusion and execution of the contract, the following data will be processed by the ski school: 1) PERSONAL DATA 2) OF CONTACT 3) OF RESIDENCE 4) ACCOMODATION C/O LOCATION 5) TECHNICAL LEVEL 6) IMAGE/VIDEO/VOICE 7) ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL 8) HEALTH DATA EG ALLERGIES AND /OR PHYSICAL DEFICITS 9) DATA ON INJURIES SUFFERED



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